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About Sweden

Sweden is a Nordic nation in Northern Europe, officially known as the Kingdom of Sweden. It is situated on the Scandinavian Peninsula and is bordered by Norway and Finland.

The Swedish economy is highly developed and characterized by a mix of industry, services, and innovation. Key sectors include telecommunications, automotive manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, information technology, and renewable energy. Swedish companies such as Volvo, IKEA, Ericsson, Spotify, and H&M have gained global recognition.

The Swedish welfare state is often lauded as a model for social equality, with comprehensive healthcare, education, and social security systems. Education is highly valued in Sweden, and the country has a strong focus on innovation and research. Many Swedish universities are globally recognized for their academic excellence.

Sweden is a country known for its progressive values, stunning landscapes, innovation, and high quality of life.

What is Sweden Job Seeker Visa?

The Sweden Job Seeker Visa 2023 allows people from Non European Countries to enter Sweden to look for Work or start a business in Sweden. Individuals can apply for the Sweden Work Visa without a Job offer. The Swedish Government allows individuals to Stay for a period of 9 Months and during this time they should look for employment opportunities in Sweden.

How to attain the Sweden Job Seeker Visa?

To apply for a Sweden job seeker visa you need to meet the eligibility criteria of the Sweden job seeker visa, also should provide necessary documents and also submit a proper application for Sweden job seeker visa to the Sweden Embassy or consulate in your country.

What is the eligibility criteria for Sweden Job seeker visa?

New requirements have been set by the Swedish Migration Agency for the Job Seeker Visa

  • Qualification: You must have an advanced degree such as (a master’s degree, Ph.D., advanced vocational degree/professional degree).
  • Sufficient funds: You should demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay in Sweden without relying on public funds.
  • Must stay in Sweden to search for employment opportunities
  • Must be a citizen from non Europen country

What is an Advanced Degree and why is it needed for a Sweden Job Seeker Visa?

  • A 60-credit Master's Degree
  • A 120-credit Master's Degree
  • A professional Degree worth 60-330 credits, or A Postgraduate/PhD - Level Degree

The main aim is to invite individuals who have sufficient knowledge and who are more serious about finding employment.

You need to provide a letter granting the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) the right to contact your educational institution to validate the educational documents you have submitted while submitting the application,

What are the requirements for a Sweden Job seeker visa

You need to submit the following mentioned documents

  • Passport : photo, signature, passport number, issuing country, period of validity, entry stamps and if you have permission to live in countries other than your country of origin
  • Examination certificate
  • Official transcript of academic record that shows the courses included in your education
  • Bank statements: Documents showing that you have enough funds to support yourself during the period for which you are applying for a residence permit, i.e. the bank assets must be equivalent to SEK 13,000 for each month.
  • If permission from a central bank or the equivalent is required to take out the funds from your country, you must include such a permit
  • Health insurance: Documents showing that you have comprehensive that is valid for care in Sweden
  • Copy of a signed letter of consent that gives the UHR the right to contact your higher education institutions to verify your educational documents

How to apply for a Sweden Job Seeker Visa?

You can submit an application at the Swedish Embassy in your home country.

Note: Upon securing a job in Sweden, you will have the opportunity to apply for a work permit, enabling your family members to join you.